Sentence Examples with the word belfry

A fine belfry (12th, 13th and 15th centuries) commanding the town is built on the terrace, beneath which are hollowed in the rock the oratory and hermitage of St Emilion, and adjoining them an ancient monolithic church of considerable dimensions.

Another notable form in old wooden building is the belfry (klokstapel) of some village churches, examples of which are seen at Habo near Jonkoping and Hasjo in Jemtland on the northern railway.

For as in landscape gardening, a spire, cupola, monument, or tower of some sort, is deemed almost indispensable to the completion of the scene; so no face can be physiognomically in keeping without the elevated open-work belfry of the nose.

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Abbeville has several other old churches and an hotel-de-ville, with a belfry of the 13th century.

The church of High Halden, in the neighbourhood, is remarkable for its octagonal wooden tower constructed of huge timbers, with a belfry of wooden tiles (shingles), of the time of Henry VI.

There is also a fine belfry with a peal of bells.

The fine octagonal belfry was built early in the 15th century.

Attached to the hotel de ville is a fine belfry of the 15th century, but unfortunately it was seriously damaged by fire in 1879.

The belfry on the Grand Place was built in 1187, partly reconstructed in 1391 and finally restored and endowed with a steeple in 1852.

The Kremlin, which was not destroyed, gleamed white in the distance with its towers and the belfry of Ivan the Great.