Sentence Examples with the word beleaguered

It had fared worst of all the beleaguered garrisons, and its 22,000 inhabitants were almost at their last gasp when relief came.

Bernadotte's corps in Hanover was almost in the position of a beleaguered garrison, and the marshal could only obtain his transport by giving out that he was ordered to withdraw to France.

From Narva, whence it signalled its approach to the beleaguered fortress, and early on the following morning it advanced in battle array.

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In the meantime, while the British general was making a treaty under the instructions of British ministers on the frontier, the beleaguered garrisons of Pretoria, Potchefstroom, and other smaller towns were gallantly holding their own.

The Eastern Sudan.In 1884 Colonel Chermside, governor of the Red Sea littoral, entered into arrangements with King John of Abyssinia for the relief of the beleaguered Egyptian garrisons.

From 1658 to 1660 it was unsuccessfully beleaguered by Charles Gustavus of Sweden; and in the following year it was rewarded by various privileges for its gallant defence.

The negotiations having failed, he marched to relieve the beleaguered garrison of Adigrat; but Menelek, discouraged by the heavy losses at Adowa, broke up his camp and returned southwards Abyssinto Shoa.

Some so,000 Turkish troops were employed, but, though able to relieve beleaguered Turkish garrisons, they could not penetrate the mountainous region forming the Arab stronghold and were unable to establish Turkish domination.

A vast Turkish army marched to the walls of Vienna and closely beleaguered the imperial city, from which the emperor and his court fled.

It was no wonder that Paris was lost within six months of the regents death, Normandy invaded, and Calais beleaguered by an army headed by Englands new enemy, Philip of Burgundy..