Sentence Examples with the word belated

It was a belated sequel to The Quiet Man.

The succeeding years of disunion and misrule under the Danes explain the belated affection with which his countrymen came to regard him.

A very belated Happy New Year to you all.

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And when for want of these active troops the first great victory proved indecisive, 1 Belated declarations of war appeared on the loth.

Soon the Roman centre, which had been belated in its march, arrived upon the field and completed the work of destruction.

The belated Scholastics who lingered beyond the last mentioned date served only as marks for the obloquy heaped upon the schools by the men of the new time.

The French officers, who stated that their presence was due to 1 On the 26th of July a French gunboat also entered the estuary on a belated annexation mission.

I thought I would try the effect of a little belated discipline.

The necessity of putting a stop to belated prosecutions on this account in the town court led to the acceptance of the rule that nobody who had lived in a town undisturbed for the term of a year and a day could any longer be claimed by a lord as his serf.

A belated attempt of the French left to intervene was checked by the British cavalry, and the pressure on the centre and right, which were now practically surrounded, continued even after nightfall.