Sentence Examples with the word behaving

The fight for the villages continued to rage fiercely and incessantly, each side behaving as if its mortal foe was in front.

Cane sugar has no reducing power and does not form an hydrazone or osazone; the other varieties, however, reduce Fehling's solution and form hydrazones and osazones, behaving as aldoses, i.e.

On the 3rd of July he reached Bridgwater again, with an army little better than a rabble, living at free quarters and behaving with reckless violence.

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But I'll just tell Mamma how you are behaving with Boris.

She instructed her daughter to show a proper respect to her husband's grandfather, Louis XV., by behaving with politeness to his mistresses, in order that the alliance between the two courts might run no risk.

Chiding herself silently for behaving like a teenager, Jessi forced part of her breakfast down her throat.

The wire will in fact become temporarily magnetized by induction, that end of it which is nearest to the pole of the magnet acquiring opposite polarity, and behaving as if it were the pole of a permanent magnet.

When your father writes to tell me that you are behaving well I will give you my hand to kiss.

In addition to behaving as a basic oxide, aluminium oxide (or hydrate) behaves as an acid oxide towards the strong bases with the formation of aluminates.

And tell me, please--I've been meaning to ask--how is he behaving himself, and in general...