Sentence Examples with the word began

Since the epoch is the 9th of July, there were 176 days from the beginning of the Armenian era to the end of the year J52 of our era; and since 552 was a leap year, the year 553 began a Julian intercalary period.

I heard an infant baby crying, Brenda moaned as she too, began to cry.

When it began to be seen, various epochs were selected by various writers; and at first each small separate community had its own epoch and method of time-reckoning.

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We began disputing--Pierre and I--and I lost my temper.

Wooden sleepers continued to be used, the rails being secured by spikes passing through the extremities, but about 1793 stone blocks also began to be employed--an innovation associated with the name of Benjamin Outram, who, however, apparently was not actually the first to make it.

Kings began to insist upon trying ecclesiastics for treason or other political crimes in secular courts.

Iefirst began to grow into importance at the close of the 17th century, in consequence of the religious emancipation of the Jews in 1686, and of the Lutherans in 1697.

Hannah sat and began talking about Paris again to an audience eager to hear her.

On the 25th of August the 2nd and 4th Armies from Haicheng and the 1st Army from the Yin-tsu-ling and Yu-shu-ling began the last stage of their convergent advance.

The activity of English and French pirates began in the 16th century, and reached its climax in the middle of the 17th century.