Sentence Examples with the word beeswax

They differ from liturgical lights in that, whereas these must be tapers of pure beeswax or lamps fed with pure olive oil (except by special dispensation under certain circumstances), those used merely to add splendour to the celebration may be of any material; the only exception being, that in the decoration of the altar gas-lights are forbidden.

For beeswax London is one of the chief marts of the world.

Moulds for reproducing plates or art-work are often taken in plaster, beeswax mixed with Venice turpentine, fusible metal, or guttapercha, and the surface being rendered conductive by powdered black-lead, copper is deposited upon it evenly throughout.

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Goat skins, eggs and beeswax are the principal exports, cotton goods, tea, sugar and candles being the chief imports.

Cutler's cement, used for fixing knife-blades in their hafts, is made of equal parts of brick-dust and melted rosin, or of 4 parts of rosin with i each of beeswax and brick-dust.

Mules, sheep and cattle' are bred, and beeswax is produced in large quantities.