Sentence Examples with the word beef

The development of alfalfa cultivation is extending the area of cattle-breeding somewhat and is improving the quality of the beef Livestock.

Grease and butter are still very frequently mixed with the cake, and shreds of beef dipped in saffron water are also used.

In some cases of diarrhoea an entirely milk diet has to be prescribed, and in the diarrhoea of children it is sometimes necessary to alternate a diet of barley water with one of beef juice or white of egg and water, or to give whey instead of milk.

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I had a couple of Sam Adams and a roast beef sandwich and arrived at the 30th Street station in Philadelphia just before four o'clock.

The main product is the refined oil, which is used for a great number of purposes, such as a substitute for olive oil, mixed with beef products for preparation of compound lard, which is estimated to consume one-third of cotton seed oil produced in the States.

The first of these is prevalent in countries where much and imperfectly cooked beef is eaten, and where cattle in their turn are exposed to the infection of the tapeworm ova.

The packing of pork and beef formerly centred in Boston,.

She sliced some roast beef and made him a sandwich.

Fresh beef in this form is imported chiefly from the United States and Australasia, fresh mutton from Australasia and Argentina.

The beef was fine--tough, but with body in it.