Sentence Examples with the word bedside

Dean stretched and extinguished the bedside lamp but neither slept.

As he reached for the bedside lamp, he noticed Annie Quincy's notebook where Cynthia had been working on it.

Before he could answer, the bedside telephone shrilled, its shocking ring penetrating the late night stillness.

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Returning from his campaign tour, he went immediately to the bedside of his dying wife, and for some weeks had practically no sleep at all.

We were at the bedside of my mother, and she was dying.

Recent advances in science are mind-boggling: We have mapped the genome, looked into distant galaxies, and produced the iPad, a device that seems more at home in the movie Minority Report than on my bedside table.

Hope dealing elements of disease, with its first beginnings; and in the field of therapeutics, chemical and biological experiment, as in the case of digitalis, mercury and the iodides, was rapidly simplifying remedies and defining their virtues, so that these agents could be used at the bedside with more precision.

He had been fortunate to catch her on lunch break from her bedside vigil at her mother's apartment.

It was ten past six, according to his bedside clock.

Janet was late again and Cynthia's bedside attempt to call her mother in Indiana resulted in unanswered rings, causing her further concern.