Sentence Examples with the word bedded

The bedded haematites and limonites have been little exploited.

These become well rooted in about a twelvemonth, and then, after pruning, are bedded out in the nursery for two or three years.

Many other rocks are improperly called slate, if they are thin bedded and can be used for roofing and similar purposes.

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There was disseminated mineralization within the bedded succession of shales, cherts and tuffs.

They never molested me seriously, though they bedded with me; and they gradually disappeared, into what crevices I do not know, avoiding winter and unspeakable cold.

The walls, therefore, are now made thin, and are thoroughly cooled by water, which circulates through pipes or boxes bedded in them.

Halite may occur as a sublimate on lava, as at Vesuvius and some other volcanoes, where it is generally associated with potassium chloride; but its usual mode of occurrence is in bedded deposits, often lenticular, and sometimes of great thickness.

Molly was already bedded down for the night.

Using the extra sand, they made fortifications and bedded down for the night behind them.

Fars series; marls, clays and sand stones with limestones and inter bedded strata of rock gypsum.