Sentence Examples with the word bedchamber

On his return to Russia he served for two years without any salary as chief gentleman of the Bedchamber at the court of Anne of Courland, and in 1721 succeeded Vasily Dolgoruki as Russian minister at Copenhagen.

I'll do as you ask, if you can make it to our bedchamber by the count of five.

They strode through the bedchamber to a small living room to the side with a flat-screen TV and comfortable-looking couch.

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He frowned, aware he had not pursued the reason the other bedchamber smelled of blood.

She closed the door behind them in the massive bedchamber that was hers and whirled.

A look around her bedchamber with its black, stone walls, ceiling and floor revealed nothing remotely edible.

Toby.s snores drifted into the bedchamber from his room.

His relative James Stanhope (afterwards first Earl Stanhope), the king's favourite minister, procured for him the place of gentleman of the bedchamber to the prince of Wales.

Kris watched the door to the guest bedchamber close, unusually hopeful about his discovery.

The ladies of the bedchamber were so unpopular in consequence of their behaviour to Lady Flora Hastings that the public took alarm at the notion that the queen had fallen into the hands of an intriguing coterie; and Lord Melbourne, who was accused of wishing to rule on the strength of court favour, resumed office with diminished prestige.