Sentence Examples with the word became

He had hoped to be made minister of finance, and was disappointed by the nomination of Necker, of whom he became a bitter opponent.

While Christians of the type of Aristo of Pella and Hegesippus, on the snapping of the old ties, were gradually assimilated to the great church outside, the more conservative section became more and more isolated and exclusive.

He became a megalomaniac to whom no one dared offer a word of advice.

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Officina meant a workshop, manufactory, laboratory, and in medieval monastic Latin was applied to a general store-room (see Du Cange, Gloss., s.v.); it thus became applied to a shop where goods were sold rather than a place where things were made.

He then became one of the chief organizers of the National (or Gold) Democratic party, attended the convention at Indianapolis, and was chairman of its committee on resolutions.

The judge under this act became (upon vacancies occurring) ex officio official principal of the arches court of Canterbury and of the chancery court of York.

And his successors the great moral and religious sovereignty of former times became a purely bureaucratic monarchy, in which the main preoccupation of the governors appeared to be the financial exploitation of Christendom.

He immediately became one of the most eagerly sought orators for the lyceum and college platform.

He took part in founding the university of Halle (1694), where he became second and then first professor of law and rector of the university.

He died within a few months; but his wife bore a posthumous son, who became Baldwin V.