Sentence Examples with the word beaux-arts

So are made the belles-lettres and the beaux-arts and their professors.

It was continued in a more popular style as Journal des sciences et des beaux-arts (1768-1775) by the abbe Aubert and by the brothers Castilhon (1776-1778), and as Journal de litterature, des sciences, et des arts (1779-1782) by the abbe Grosier.

The Bibliotheque raisonnee des ouvrages des savants (1728-1758) was supplementary to Leclerc, and was succeeded by the Bibliotheque des sciences et des beaux-arts (1754-1780).

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His chief works were Jean Colas sa famille (1858); Des Beaux-Arts en Italie (Eng.

The Annales des travaux publics (1843), the Bulletin de l'industrie (1842), the Journal des beaux-arts (1858), and the Catholic Precis historiques (1852), the Protestant Chretien belge (1850), are other examples.

Les Arts (1902); Gazette des beaux-arts (1859), monthly, with Chronique des arts; Revue de fart ancien et moderne (1897) monthly; L'Art decoratif, monthly, Art et decoration, monthly; L'Art pour tous, monthly; La Decoration, monthly; L'Architecture- journal of the Soc. centrale des Architectes francais, weekly; L'Art (1875) is no longer published.

The highest institution of learning is the Instilut de France, founded and kept up by the French government on behalf of science and literature, and composed of five academies: the Col A cadimie francaise, the A cadimie des Inscriptions et Betles-Lettres, the Academie des Sciences, the Acadimie des Beaux-Arts In Asia and the Acadimie des Sciences Morales Establishments in It el Poliliques (see ACADEMIES).

In 1746 he published his treatise Les Beaux-Arts adults a un meme Principe, an attempt to find a unity among the various theories of beauty and taste, and his views were widely accepted.

Des beaux-arts (Paris, 1878); Zola, Mes Haines (Paris, 1879); C. Lemonnier, Les Peintres de la Vie (Paris, 1888).