Sentence Examples with the word beautifying

To1485-1486also appears to belong the inception of his elaborate though unfulfilled architectural plans for beautifying and strengthening the Castello, the great stronghold of the ruling power in the state.

Nicholas conceived great plans for beautifying and developing Rome.

The bridge of chief artistic merit is the Cambridge Bridge (1908), which replaced the old West Boston Bridge, and is one feature of improvements long projected for the beautifying of the Charles river basin.

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Temporary financial embarrassment followed, but when the Federal government had taken upon itself half the burden and established the economic administration of the commissioners, the problem of beautifying the nation's capital was solved.

His taste for building and street improvement led to the beautifying of Cairo, and his example was followed by the governors of other great cities in the empire, notably Aleppo and Damascus.

He inserted speeches, enlivened his pages with chance tales, and aimed, as Cicero tells us, at not merely narrating facts but also at beautifying them.

For a while, indeed, this opposition did not impair the king's popularity, due to his amiable character, his extraordinary services in beautifying his capital of Munich, and to his benevolence (it has been reckoned that he personally received about io,000 letters asking for help every year, and that the money he devoted to charity amounted to about a fifth of his income).

Much money was spent on public works and the restoration and beautifying of Rome - a new forum, the splendid temple of Peace, the public baths and the vast Colosseum being begun under Vespasian.

The first Lord Bathurst (1684-1 7 75) devoted himself to beautifying the fine demesne of Oakley Park, which he planted and adorned with remarkable artificial ruins.

He was a man of great wealth, which he spent in beautifying Rome.