Sentence Examples with the word beautiful

This beautiful material presents a great diversity of tints, but a rich hyacinth red is common.

On the 16th of August 1404, he signed an agreement with the prior and convent for three monks to sing daily three masses in his beautiful chantry chapel in the nave of the cathedral, while the boys of the almonry, the cathedral.

From Esslingen the Neckar becomes broader and deeper and its valley very picturesque, and after passing Cannstatt, from which point it is navigable for small craft, it flows through vine-clad hills by the pleasant village of Marbach, Schiller's birthplace, receives at Besigheim the waters of its most considerable tributary, the Enz, swirls down by Lauffen, and enters the beautiful vale of Heilbronn.

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On the banks of Lake Monona are the beautiful grounds of the Monona Lake assembly, a summer assembly on the Chautauqua model.

The church (12th century), of which only the choir and apse are appropriated to divine service, has a beautiful nave formerly covered by four cupolas destroyed in 1816.

Kingston House, long the seat of the dukes of Kingston, is a beautiful example of early 17th-century domestic architecture.

De Belgique, xxxvii., 1873) devised a great number of beautiful illustrations 1 See Enrico Betti, Teoria della Capillarita: Nuovo Cimento (1867); a memoir by M.

The princesses Aline and Sophie sit whole days with me, and we, unhappy widows of live men, make beautiful conversations over our 'charpie', only you, my friend, are missing... and so on.

Aello and Ocypete, daughters of Thaumas and Electra, winged goddesses with beautiful locks, swifter than winds and birds in their flight, and their domain is the air.

In the same loose 'sense the word is often applied to the two most beautiful of the family Anatidae, belonging to the genus Aex (commonly misspelt Aix) - the Carolina Duck of North America, Ae.