Sentence Examples with the word beats

When mischief-makers don't meddle even a German beats Buonaparte.

In the middle notes of the musical register the maximum harshness occurs when the beats are about 30.

The two tones are now dissonant, and, as we have seen, about the middle of the scale the maximum dissonance is when there are between 30 and 40 beats per second.

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Suppose, for instance, it makes 3 beats with No.

But as the pitch of the one rises the beats become a jar too frequent to count, and only perhaps to a trained ear recognizable as beats.

Now, you don't know if the radishes make the people get better or if something that makes people crave radishes also beats back skin cancer.

We have already explained how beats are used on Scheibler's tonometer to give a series of forks of known frequencies.

Small doses of any of them dilate the blood vessels from an action on the vaso-motor centre in the medulla oblongata, as a result of which the heart beats more rapidly and the blood circulates more freely; but larger doses have a general depressing effect upon the circulatory system.

But obviously in either the octave or the fifth, if the tuning is imperfect, beats occur all along the line wherever the tones should coincide with perfect tuning.

But Sauveur fixed the limiting number of beats for the discord far too low, and again he gave no account of dissonances such as the seventh, where the frequency of the beats between the fundamentals is far beyond the number which is unpleasant.