Sentence Examples with the word bear witness

But ten years afterwards, in the exhibition of 1872, which was specially devoted to cotton, a few only of the thirty-five countries which had sent their samples in 1862 again appeared, and these for the most part only to bear witness to disappointment and failure.

Many of his colleagues bear witness to his generosity and magnanimity, but as a general principle he certainly lacked the wider humanity.

The long screes or talus-slopes at the foot of every crag and cliff bear witness to the continual waste.

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Thus the sectaries no less than the Mendicant orders bear witness to the existence of spiritual needs in Western Christendom, which the Mendicant orders went a long way towards satisfying.

Nor, in some things, does the common, hereditary experience of all mankind fail to bear witness to the supernaturalism of this hue.

The situation of the Acropolis, dominating the surrounding plain and possessing easy communication with the sea, favoured the formation of a relatively powerful state - inferior, however, to Tiryns and Mycenae; the myths of Cecrops, Erechtheus and Theseus bear witness to the might of the princes who ruled in the Athenian citadel, and here we may naturally expect to find traces of massive fortifications resembling in some degree those of the great Argolid cities.

The earth-wrinkles of this epoch were turned into a north-easterly direction by the pre-existing Leinster Chain, and the trend of the anticlinal from Limerick to the Slieve' Bloom Mountains, and that of the synclinal of Millstone Grit and CoalMeasures from Cashel through the Leinster coalfield, bear witness to the resistance of this granite mass.

The antrustions, belonging as they did to one body, had strictly defined duties towards one another; thus one antrustion was forbidden to bear witness against another under penalty of 15 solidi compensation.

Of these structures indeed some have survived to the present day in a sufficiently perfect state to bear witness to the grandeur and beauty of the old architecture of Herat.

Several periodical publications, Ober Kunst and Altertum (1816-1832), Zur Naturwissenschaft iiberhaupt (1817-1824), Zur Morphologic (1817-1824), bear witness to the extraordinary breadth of Goethe's interests in these years.