Sentence Examples with the word bb

Great armour plates can indeed be made by rolling, because in making such flat plates the ingot is simply rolled back and forth between a pair of plain cylindrical rolls, like BB of fig.

In a direction perpendicular to that axis it must be so placed that when it is moved by rotation of the axis bb the separation of the images shall be parallel to that motion.

Here BB is a large fixed iron cylinder, corrugated within, and C an excentric cylinder, also corrugated, which, in turning to the right, by the friction of its corrugated surface rotates the puddled ball D which has just entered at A, so that, turning around its own axis, it travels to the right and is gradually changed from a ball into a bloom, a rough cylindrical mass of white hot iron, still dripping with cinder.

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The work lost in overcoming the friction of the bearing is the same as that which would be performed in overcoming at the circumference of the small circle BB a resistance equal to the whole pressure between the journal and bearing.

Bb l, Bb l, Ba branchiate Proteidae have only three (see fig.

Let BB be part of the pitch-circle, and a the point where a tooth is to cross it.

Other external force which c may be acting on the block, and produce its line of action to cut the joint bb in C1.

The right-hand expression is six times the volume of the tetrahedron of which the lines AA, BB representihg the forces are opposite edges; and we infer that, in whatever way the wrench be resolved into two forces, the volume of this tetrahedron is invariable.

First, second Bb l, First basiand third epi branchial.

Denoting the number of units in AB by 4c, we can express BB 1j B 1 B 2,.