Sentence Examples with the word bayonet

The steady volleys of Kempts light infantry were fatal to the French, who fell back in disorder under a bayonet charge of the victors, with the loss of some 2700 men.

There was a brief bombardment, and then Vandamme's corps was sent forward with the bayonet to drive out the foe.

Which the soldiers most animated with the fire and passion that lead to victory rush forward to bayonet the foe..

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It was carried at the point of the bayonet by the Yoruba troops, who proved themselves fully equal to the Hausa.

Such a charge as prelude to the advance of a great infantry bayonet attack must have swept the exhausted Prussians down the hill like sheep, but the opportunity passed, and the gunners finding their position untenable, limbered up, not without severe losses, and retired to a second position in rear.

She advanced only when forced, first by the need for buying support, and then with the bayonet at her back.

Their artillery was numerous and for the most part of heavy calibre - 18and 24-pounders were common - but the strength of the army lay in its infantry, with its incomparable tenacity in defence and its blind confidence in the bayonet in attack.

Some screwed in, others dropped into a socket and were secured by a bayonet joint.

In view of these troops the Prussian line, which had advanced faultlessly as if on parade, halted to prepare its bayonet attack by fire, and, once halted, it was found impossible to get them to go on again.

When in use, it is held at right angles to the periscope above the upper window by a bayonet catch; when not in use, it is lowered and sprung round the body of the periscope just below the upper prism box.