Sentence Examples with the word battlemented

A very picturesque battlemented bridge leads from it to the other shore, sloping down over three arches of different sizes, the fortifica- largest next to the castle and the smallest at the other boas.

The buildings were usually battlemented in fantastic form.

The width is about 25 ft.; from bastion to bastion runs a battlemented curtained wall about 10 ft.

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At the west stands the stately battlemented square tower, 90 ft.

Only the minaret of the mosque, dating from the 14th century, and the battlemented wall, flanked by two towers, remain of its former magnificence.

In the market square stands a fine market cross of the 16th century, borne upon an octagonal battlemented basement.

The city has a well-built and substantial appearance, its chief attraction lying in the numerous churches, which belong in the main to a well-marked basilican type, and present almost too richly decorated exteriors, fine apsidal ends and quadrangular campaniles, in some cases with battlemented summits, and windows increasing in number as they ascend.

The picturesque battlemented campanile belongs to 1213.

The Piazza dei Signori contains picturesque brick battlemented palaces - the Salone del Gran Consiglio (1184) and the Palazzo del Commune (1268).(1268).