Sentence Examples with the word battle of plassey

A great struggle took place on the centenary of the battle of Plassey (June 23), and another on the 25th of August; but on both occasions the mutineers were repulsed with heavy loss.

The battle of Plassey (1757) had laid Bengal at the feet of Clive; and Cootes victory at Wandiwash (1760) led to the final ruin of the relics of French authority in southern India.

Berhampur was fixed upon after the battle of Plassey as the site of the chief military station for Bengal; and a huge square of brick barracks was erected in 1767, at a cost of 30o,000.

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In 1756 this struggle culminated in the great outrage known as the Black Hole of Calcutta, followed by Clive's battle of Plassey and capture of Calcutta, which avenged it.