Sentence Examples with the word battalion

The residence of the political agent and the headquarters of the Bhopal battalion are at Sehore, 20 m.

In 1793 he distinguished himself by the brilliant defence of a redoubt at the Col di Tenda, with only thirty men against a battalion of the enemy.

Alexander and Napoleon, with the long train of their suites, approached the right flank of the Preobrazhensk battalion and came straight up to the crowd standing there.

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The active army consists of a life guard battalion and 10 infantry regiments of 3 battalions each, infantry, 5 cavalry regiments of 3 squadrons each, 12 field batteries (now re-armed with a Krupp Q.F.

Wolseley asked for the help of white troops, and the 2nd battalion Rifle Brigade, the 23rd Fusiliers and 42nd Highlanders were despatched.

There is a military academy at Caracas, and battalion schools are provided for officers and privates, but they are of little value.

Napoleon had, of course, accepted the risk of such an attack, but he sought at the same time to minimize it by summoning every available battalion to the scene.

It is the residence of the commissioner of the protectorate and the headquarters of the Somaliland battalion of the King's African Rifles.

At once Wellesley pressed on with the cavalry and an infantry battalion in light order, and after a forced march of 32 hours entered Poona on the afternoon of the loth, in time to save the city.

A single battalion (150) of volunteers composes the grand-ducal army.