Sentence Examples with the word baton

Secretly offered him the baton of a marshal of France, with the government of Champagne which his father had held, and also a pension.

Brady straightened, the baton in hand.

The Secession Ordinance of Louisiana was passed on the 26th of January 1861 by a convention that met at Baton Rouge.

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The State Penitentiary is at Baton Rouge, and a House of Detention at New Orleans; and there are parish prisons.

Donaldsonville was the (nominal) capital in 1825-1831, Baton Rouge in1849-1864and again after 1882.

On the 5th of this month he was repulsed in his attack on Baton Rouge, but he won distinction at Stone River (December 31, 1862-January 2, 1863), where his division lost nearly a third of its number.

The principal officers of the court in subordination to the judge were the registrar (an office which always points to a connexion with canon or civil law), and the marshal, who acted as the maritime sheriff, having for his baton of office a silver oar.

For his subsequent services to King John Casimir, especially in the Ukraine against the Tatars and Cossacks, he received the grand baton of the crown, or commandershipin-chief (1668).

The campus of the university is the former barracks of the Baton Rouge garrison, occupied by the college since 1886 and transferred to it by the Federal government in 1902.

Higher schools include: the State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College (1860) at Baton Rouge; Tulane University of Louisiana (1864) in New Orleans; Jefferson College (1864; Roman Catholic) at Convent; the College of the Immaculate Conception (1847; Roman Catholic) in New Orleans; St Charles College (1835; Roman Catholic) at Grand Couteau; St Joseph's College (1849; Roman Catholic) at Baton Rouge; the following colleges for women - Silliman Collegiate Institute (1852; Presbyterian) at Clinton, Mansfield Female College (1854; Methodist Episcopal, South) at Mansfield, the H.