Sentence Examples with the word bathroom

She could see a shredded couch cushion and broken glass in the hallway outside the bathroom door and recalled the shape her apartment was in.

She marched to her bathroom and yanked out the five pill bottles, reading the labels.

Clothing, bathroom stuff, anything.

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Lisa was making the beds one morning and Connie was in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

She jumped up, pushing them all away, darting for the bathroom with a hand over her mouth.

I can't even contemplate sharing a bathroom with someone, let alone a single bedroom.

She stumbled up and crossed to her bathroom to brush her teeth before going out to breakfast.

Finally, taking a deep breath, she walked close to the bathroom and leaned against the wall.

She was in the bathroom of their bedroom mopping the floor when the front door closed.

Even the bathroom had hardwood floors and stained pine walls.