Sentence Examples with the word batch

Reluctantly he agreed, with the assent of the home government, to the proposal of the mineowners to import Chinese coolies on a three years' contract, the first batch of Chinese reaching the Rand in June 1904.

He consults Suetonius on the interpretation of dreams (1.18); he presents another of his correspondents with a batch of ghost-stories (vii.

The number of bales for a batch seldom exceeds twelve, indeed it is generally about six, and of these there may be three, four or even more varieties or marks.

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Merchant-ships were allowed to sail direct to Chile, trade with France was sometimes permitted, and a large batch of hardy emigrants was sent out from the Biscay provinces of Spain.

TADASU HAYASHI, Count (1850-), Japanese statesman, was born in Tokyo (then Yedo), and was one of the first batch of students sent by the Tokugawa government to study in England.

At the Caribbean Sanctuary, Fate watched the Oracle record the latest batch of deals made between deities.

A batch of muffins burned in the process but things began to return to normal after Ryland indicated Edith was feeling better and had apologized for her actions.

An engine coupled to a batch of wagons runs one or more of them down one siding, leaves them there, then returns back with the remainder clear of the points where the sidings diverge, runs one or more others down another siding, and so on till they are all disposed of.

I've discovered that the latest batch of Naturals prefer not to be told what to do.

She rummaged around and withdrew a large batch of crumpled bills, spilling several.