Sentence Examples with the word basking

Carmen smiled, basking in the warmth of his attention.

She glanced up at him, basking in the afterglow of a good scare.

For a few minutes she lay still, basking in the security of his presence.

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Perquisites, offices, frced loans were multiplied to such a point that a critic of the times, Guy Patin, facetiously declared that duties were to be exacted from the beggars basking in the sun.

They spend most of their time in the water, but are also very fond of basking in the hot sun on the banks of rivers or in marshes, usually with the head turned towards the water, to which they take on the slightest alarm.

One day Miss Sullivan attracted my attention to a strange object which she had captured basking in the shallow water.

The desert was basking in an orange sunset when they finally stopped.

A kind of plover, Pluvianus aegyptius, often sits upon basking crocodiles, and, since the latter often rest with gaping mouth, it is possible that these agile birds do pick the reptiles' teeth in search of parasites.