Sentence Examples with the word basis

The establishment of a united Turkey on a constitutional and nationalist basis was, however, not slow in producing a fresh complication in the Eastern Question.

Assuming, with Sedgwick and others, this amassed and bound condition of the tissues to be true, it would be necessary to reject the cell-doctrine in pathology altogether, and to regard the living basis of the organism as a continuous substance whose parts are incapable of living independently of the whole.

Originally a follower of Hegel, he turned to Fichte and Beneke (q.v.), with whose insistence on psychology as the basis of all philosophy he fully agreed.

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We find moreover as emi-scientific conception of the basis of divination; the whole of nature is linked together; just as the variations in the height of a column of mercury serve to foretell the weather, so the flight of birds or behaviour of cattle may help to prognosticate its changes; for the uncultured it is merely a step to the assumption that animals know things which are hidden from man.

At the basis of the pyramid we get the great council, the elective body composed of all who enjoyed the suffrage, i.e.

A small handful of obedient peasants, priest-ridden and over-administered, formed the basis of the colony.

The essential basis he finds in the real consciousness, of self as an active striving power, and the stages of its development, corresponding to what one may call the relative importance of the external conditions and the reflective clearness of self-consciousness he designates as the affective, the perceptive and the reflective.

Codfish was perhaps the truest basis of her commerce, which soon came to include the West Indies, Africa and southern Europe.

He was characterized by an absolutely fearless honesty, which sometimes gave offence, but at the basis of his nature there was a warm, tender and sympathetic heart, incapable of meanness or intrigue.

The constitution of 1862, though suspended on Schmerling's fall, was still regarded as legally valid for the cis-Leithan territories, and is the basis on which the present constitution for half the empire was framed.