Sentence Examples with the word basileus

In June 1149 the admiral appeared before Constantinople and defied the Basileus by firing arrows against the palace windows.

He contemplated seizing the throne of the Basileus and took up the cause of Michael VII., who had been deposed in 1078 and to whose son his daughter had been betrothed.

The change was clearly effected by the devolution of the military and civil powers of the king to the polemarch and the archon, while the archon basileus (or king) retained control of state religion.

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The barons, always chafing against the royal power, were encouraged to revolt by Pope Adrian IV., whose recognition William had not yet sought, by the Basileus Manuel and the emperor Frederick II.

She was assisted by fourteen Athenian matrons, called geraerae, chosen by the basileus and sworn to secrecy.

The basilissa (or basilinna), wife of the archon basileus for the time, went through a ceremony of marriage to the wine god, in which.