Sentence Examples with the word bas-relief

There is a small shrine at the spot, containing a bas-relief representing the birth of the Buddha.

Rimmer); and a magnificent bronze bas-relief (1897) by Augustus St Gaudens commemorating the departure from Boston of Colonel Robert G.

We still possess a colossal bust in the Vatican, a bust in the Louvre, a bas-relief from the Villa Albani, a statue in the Capitoline museum, another in Berlin, another in the Lateran, and many more.

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The Groote Kerk, of St Michael (first half of the 15th century) occupies the site of an earlier church of which an interesting 11 th-century bas-relief remains.

Until 1874 Stettin was closely girdled by very extensive and strong fortifications, which prevented the expansion of the town, but the steady growth of its commerce and manufactures encouraged the foundation of numerous industrial suburbs beyond the ' The tabula Iliaca, a stucco bas-relief found in the ruins of an ancient temple on the site of the ancient Bovillae and so called because it represents the chief events of the Trojan War, is a sort of commentary upon this (see O.

Anything shallower than a half-inch bas-relief is a blank to her, so far as it expresses an idea of beauty.

It has a fine doorway with a bas-relief by Andrea della Robbia over it; but the most striking external feature is the lovely open-air pulpit at an angle of the building, erected by Donatello and Michelozzo for displaying to the people without risk the Virgin's girdle, brought from the Holy Land by a knight of Prato in 1130.

A bas-relief on the Trajan column shows this bridge with masonry piers and timber arches, but the representation is probably conventional (fig.

He is thus represented in the bas-relief erected in Merton College to his memory.

Varenus Diphilus, a freedman, a magister herculaneus, were found in situ in 1883, and in 1902 two vases of statues erected by Diphilus, as inscriptions showed, in honour of his patron, and a bas-relief of bearded Hercules entirely draped in a long tunic with a lion's skin on his shoulders.