Sentence Examples with the word bartender

All the Guardians, like me and Sean, your bartender friend in that pub where we met, lost our magic.

He was a bartender where my daughter frequents.

They made their way to the back of the bar where the bartender stood as if waiting for a bus.

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The bartender should be here any minute.

The shout went unnoticed until the panicked bartender grabbed the mike of the lead rocker.

A nosy bartender told me Ginger was expecting something a bit more lasting than her attorney had to offer.

Yully squeezed her eyes closed, relieved the bartender wasn't buried in her backyard with the others.

Neither of the customers nor the bartender had so much as noticed him leave his seat.

Saluting the bartender with her glass, she started to move away when a warm hand on her forearm stopped her.

I think we're in good shape, Jackson, get them drinks, the bartender should be here soon.