Sentence Examples with the word barrow

He died on the 6th of June 1762: A life of Lord Anson, inaccurate in some details but valuable and interesting, was published by Sir John Barrow in 1839.

A Saxon barrow was opened near the town in 1824.

At a short distance from the town is a moated Elizabethan half-timbered house, and also an ancient barrow of great extent.

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In the following year he marched against Arminius, the conqueror of Varus, and performed the last rites over the remains of the Roman soldiers that still lay there unburied, erecting a barrow to mark the spot.

I did ride in wheel barrow and teacher did push it. simpson did give me popcorn and walnuts. cousin rosa has gone to see her mother. people do go to church sunday.

It was the natural result of the practice of cremation, however, that it should induce a modification of the barrow structure.

In Scandinavia a custom, alluded to in the sagas, of burying the viking in his ship, drawn up on land, and raising a barrow over it, is exemplified by the ship-burials discovered in Norway.

In memory of the victory several monuments have been erected in the town and its vicinity, of which the most noticeable are the bronze statue of the Danish Land Soldier by Bissen (one of Thorvaldsen's pupils), and the great barrow over 50o Danes in the cemetery of the Holy Trinity Church, with a bas-relief by the same sculptor.

A remarkably fine cup turned in amber from a bronze-age barrow at Hove is now in the Brighton Museum.

The standard Life is by Sir John Barrow (1838).