Sentence Examples with the word barren

It is to be noted that the Gulf of Guayaquil separates the humid, forestcovered coastal plain of Ecuador from the arid, barren coast of Peru, the two regions being widely dissimilar.

During the great migrations in Asia from east to west many populations were probably driven to the northern borders of the great plateau and thence compelled to descend into Siberia; succeeding waves of immigration forced them still farther towards the barren grounds of the north, where they melted away.

The plateau culminates in the barren heathy upland of Exmoor, which slopes gently southward from a general elevation of 1600 ft., and is almost without inhabitants.

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Most of the inland scenery is bleak and dreary, consisting of treeless and barren tracts of peat and boulders.

Difficulty and expense, or which are even totally barren and waterless, entirely dependent on supplies from distant sources.

The surface of Minas Geraes is broken by mountain ranges and deeply eroded rivercourses, the latter forming fertile valleys shut in by partly barren uplands, or campos.

Coast of the South Andaman; the remarkable marine volcano, Barren Island (1 so ft.), quiescent for more than a century, 71 m.

Owing to its northerly position a large part of Ungava is treeless, and belongs to the barren grounds where caribou roam and feed on the socalled caribou moss, a greyish lichen.

In the east the tableland falls away to the basins of the Congo and Zambezi, to the south it merges into a barren sandy desert.

Usually a light loam, it passes here and there into pure clay, or degenerates occasionally into barren sand.