Sentence Examples with the word barrage

As originally designed, the flooring of the barrage from up-stream to downstream face was 111.50 ft.

The barrage is the greatest, but by no means the only important masonry work in Lower Egypt.

The barrage rests entirely on the alluvial bed of the Nile.

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Above the river's bed, allowing the water-surface up-stream of the barrage to be raised 7.2 ft., while the pressure on that work itself would not exceed 10 ft.

The experiment was repeated year after year till 1867, when the barrage cracked right across from foundation to top. A massive coffer-dam was then erected, covering the eleven arches nearest the crack; but the work was never trusted again, nor the water-surface raised more than about 3 ft.

They soon resolved that it would be very much better if the original scheme of using the barrage could be carried out, and after a careful examination of the work they were satisfied that this could be done.

Each barrage was provided with locks to pass Nile boats 160 by 28 ft.

The buildings blocked the sun, and the barrage of sensations overwhelmed her.

He returned to his rocker, sipped his beer and began to patiently answer the barrage of Fred's questions about his day's activities.

An essential part of the barrage project was the three canals, taking their water from just above it, as shown in fig.