Sentence Examples with the word barracks

The slope on which old Tortosa stands is crowned with an ancient castle, which has been restored and converted into barracks and a hospital.

There was a crash, and one of the barracks collapsed.

The majority of inscriptions and images bearing her name have been found in Gaul, Germany and the Danube countries; of the few that occur in Rome itself most were exhumed on the site of the barracks of the equiles singulares, a foreign imperial bodyguard mainly recruited from the Batavians.

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Near the barracks is the Royal Artillery Institution, with a fine museum and a lecture hall.

On the right (N.) are some small well-preserved thermae, and the barracks of the firemen (vigiles), a special cohort of whom was stationed here.

To the west there are the Broadstone station, Dominion Street, and beyond this the large workhouse, prison, asylum and other district buildings, while the Royal barracks front the river behind Albert Quay.

She couldn't help but think the barracks and all their activity and life were far more appealing than the solemn, stately apartment that was hers.

The barracks at HQ are full from the incoming Guardians, and I have an emergency order for more weapons in.

HEINRICH KARL BRUGSCH (1827-1894), German Egyptologist, was the son of a Prussian cavalry officer, and was born in the barracks at Berlin, on the 18th of February 1827.

Besides the barracks there are a circuit house, dal bungalow, courthouse, and post and telegraph offices.