Sentence Examples with the word baroque

The former, well restored by Ricci in1898-1900(except for the dome with its baroque frescoes which has not been altered), is a regular octagon, with a vestibule, originally flanked by two towers on the west, a choir added on the east, triangular outside and circular within; it is surrounded within by two galleries interrupted at the presbytery, and supported by eight large pillars, the intervals between which are occupied by open exedrae.

The cathedral was reconstructed in 1733 in the baroque style, and scanty traces of the original building of the 12th century exist (see D.

Two baroque chapels were added in the 17th and 18th centuries, which are fortunately shut off from the rest of the church.

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St Peter's, indeed, is a monument of the history of art, not merely within these 120 years from the zenith of the Renaissance till the transition into Baroque - from Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, to Maderna and Berninibut down to the 19th century, in which Canova and Thorvaldsen erected there the last great papal monuments.

Other buildings remarkable for their size and interest are: the national museum (1836-1844); the town-hall (1869-1875), in the early Renaissance style; the university, with a baroque facade (rebuilt 1900), and the university library (opened in 1875), a handsome Renaissance building; the palace of justice (1896), a magnificent edifice situated not far from the Houses of Parliament.

Giovanni Battista is a good baroque edifice of 1617; by it stands a fine 13th-century campanile.

The present church is baroque in style, but contains some works of art of earlier periods.

This edifice, in the Italian baroque style, surmounted by a dome, possesses but little architectural merit, and its position is so confined that great ingenuity had to be employed in its internal arrangements to meet the demands of space, but its collection of pictures is one of the finest in Europe.

Eloquent testimony is given by the beautiful churches and palaces of Prague - largely Gothic and baroque in style - to the architectural genius of the nation.

Of the gates only two remain, the Porta Nuova and the Porta Felice; both are fine examples of the baroque style, the former was erected in 1584 to commemorate the return of Charles V.