Sentence Examples with the word baring

On the 4th of January 1884 SirE; Baring was directed to insist upon the policy of evacuation, and on the 18th General Gordon left London to assist in its execution.

The steadily increasing prosperity of the country during the years 1886 and 1887 removed the danger of national bankruptcy and international interference, and induced Sir Evelyn Baring to widen the area of administrative reforms. In the provinces the local administration and the methods of dispensing justice were still scandalously unsatisfactory, and this was the field to which the British representative next directed his efforts.

She tugged again and one of the dogs moved closer, baring his teeth.

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But this request, though strongly supported by Baring and the British military authorities in Cairo, was refused by the government in London.

The conduct of the final arrangements with Messrs Baring and Hope, which made a definitive financial settlement between France and the allies possible, was left entirely to him.

This combination of interests proved too strong for Baring and his proposal was rejected.

Through the rapid depreciation of Argentine credit, the great firm of Baring Brothers, the financial agents of the government in London, became so heavily involved that they were forced into liquidation, November 1890.

Without that support Sir Evelyn Baring could have done little or nothing; with it he did perhaps more than any other single man could have done.

Gordon telegraphed to Sir Evelyn Baring urging that the road from Suakin to Berber should be opened by a small force.

The Egyptian government wished to make a new attempt to recover the lost province, and the idea was certainly very popular among the governing class, but Sir Evelyn Baring vetoed the project on the ground that Egypt had neither soldiers nor money to carry it out.