Sentence Examples with the word bargain

Parking wasn't a problem if you didn't mind paying the price of a good country dinner, but Dean didn't have time to hunt down a bargain so he reluctantly pulled into the closest lot.

Once you've got the bug, you'd no more pass up a good bargain than a cold beer on a hot day.

Moreover, all securities underwent such sharp depreciation that, on the one hand, the government hesitated to hand over the bonds representing the purchase-price of the railways, lest such an addition to the volume of stocks should cause further depreciation, and, on the other, the former owners of the nationalized lines found the character of their bargain greatly changed.

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Maybe it was his way of fulfilling his end of the bargain she'd refused by making sure she had a place to stay.

Once she had the amulet, she could bargain harder with the inmates.

That way, when they see how many items they're getting, they'll realize what a bargain I'm giving 'em.

The Statute of Enrolments applied only to estates of inheritance or for life, so that a bargain and sale of an estate for years might be made without enrolment.

Neither was willing to bargain with me for your life.

It made bargain and sale an easy means of secret or private conveyance, a policy to which the law was opposed.

They concluded a bargain with the seigniory for transport and provisions at a fixed price.