Sentence Examples with the word barely

He's not a casual acquaintance whom you barely know.

She could barely fathom what that meant.

Not that she had consciously considered him as a mate, but he had awakened a domestic side of her that she barely knew existed.

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The name was a misnomer, as it barely touched the Assiniboine river.

She had barely finished putting the things away when Mary knocked on the kitchen door.

Of agricultural produce there was barely sufficient for home consumption, but the mining industries had reached a very high level of excellence, and iron, tin and copper were very largely exported from the northern counties to Danzig and other Baltic ports.

Unable to move, barely able to breathe, she watched the sun climb into the sky.

The glow from the flashlight barely illuminated the next few feet of inky darkness as the two youngsters crept along the dank passageway.

From even the barely hinted imputation of usurpation, and the possible consequences of such a suppressed impression gaining ground, Ahab must of course have been most anxious to protect himself.

I can barely visualize others not so fortunate and the grief they're forced to carry.