Sentence Examples with the word barefoot

He's barefoot after he leaves his shoes on the beach and needs some kind of footwear so he might as well get bike shoes; after all, he's biking.

Twenty-four hours after his hour-long downhill hike from the mine, Dean's stilts felt like he'd run a barefoot marathon on cobblestoned streets.

The sick soldier, Sokolov, pale and thin with dark shadows round his eyes, alone sat in his place barefoot and not dressed.

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If they hadn't gone off playing those silly war games, Rosie the riveter would have stayed at home barefoot and pregnant the way women belong.

Meanwhile Mrs. MacDonald, one of the women taken captive, aided by her native servant, escaped, and barefoot and in her nightdress ran through the jungle to another planter's house.

I'm like some poor farm girl, barefoot as the day I was born.

MAN, Isle Of.) A Norwegian diocese of Sodor had been in existence previously, but its history is obscure, and the first union of Man with it in 1098 by Magnus Barefoot is only traditional.

She applied herself to learning the language with such zeal that she rose at night and walked about her bedroom barefoot repeating her lessons.

Padding barefoot across the footbridge, she joined Alex.

Three years before his death he parted with his share of the ancestral principality, and designed, when certain literary plans were completed, to give away all he had and wander barefoot through the world preaching Christ.