Sentence Examples with the word bared

Charles bared his teeth in a look of extreme displeasure.

He lowered his head, and she bared her neck.

I plan on eating every part of you, down to your bones, Jared snapped and bared his teeth.

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The hot rays of the sun beat down vertically and a fresh soft wind played with the hair of the bared heads and with the ribbons decorating the icon.

Some of the men bared their heads, others stared at the new arrivals without doffing their caps.

He said no more but bared his teeth.

Rhyn bared his teeth to display canines similar to Darkyn's that would lengthen when he was hungry.

Behind, before, and on both sides, crowds of militiamen with bared heads walked, ran, and bowed to the ground.

She bared her teeth and growled viciously.

Jared bared his teeth in response.