Sentence Examples with the word barberry

Another mode of dehiscence is the valvular, as in the barberry (fig.

In due time the fungus, known as Aecidium Berberidis, appears on the barberry leaves in the form of small cluster-cups on aecidia, each of which is filled with chains of orange-coloured aecidiospores.

We have wild olive, species of rock-rose, wild privet, acacias and mimosas, barberry and Zizyphus; and in the eastern ramifications of the chain, Chamaerops humilis (which is applied to a variety of useful purposes), Bignonia or trumpet flower, sissu, Salvadora persica, verbena, acanthus, varieties of Gesnerae.

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The leaves of barberry and of some species of Astragalus, and the stipules of the false acacia (Robinia) are spiny.