Sentence Examples with the word barber

Martin, Hultsch and Cantor took this Ctesibius to be a barber of that name who lived in the reign of Ptolemy Euergetes II.

Andy Sackler and Dean responded to a call crosstown at Ralph's Barber Shop, where they found a crowd milling around the sidewalk and a half dozen customers seated inside.

In the previous year (39) his mother had been banished by order of her brother Caligula (Gains) on a charge of treasonable conspiracy, and Nero, thus early deprived of both parents, found shelter in the house of his aunt Domitia, where two slaves, a barber and a dancer, began his training.

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Thus, the founder's twelve chief disciples include, besides Brahmans, a weaver, a currier, a Rajput, a Jat and a barber - for, they argue, seeing that Bhagavan, the Holy One (Vishnu), became incarnate even in animal form, a Bhakta (believer) may be born even in the lowest of castes.

After serving his apprenticeship in his native town, he established himself as a barber at Bolton about 1750, and later amassed a little property from dealing in human hair and dyeing it by a process of his own.

It was where the barber shop used to be located.

Thick) in Barber and Comanche counties.

There was a barber shop and I could see a calendar on the wall but I couldn't quite read it.

Under their direction, to begin with, a barber shaved him and cut his hair.

School, Birmingham, under James Prince Lee, where he formed his friendship with Joseph Barber Lightfoot.