Sentence Examples with the word barbel

Trout abound in the mountain streams and lakes, barbel and many other species of Cyprinidae in the rivers of the plains.

Of the twenty-one species of freshwater fish, five are peculiar to the country, but none is of much economic value save the barbel and eel.

It is distinguished from other species of the genus Gadus by its long pointed snout, which is twice as long as the eye, with projecting lower jaw, and without a barbel at the chin.

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It is a small barbel discovered in Natal by Max Weber, and described by him under the name Barbus viviparus.

HADDOCK (Gadus aeglefinus), a fish which differs from the cod in having the mental barbel very short, the first anal fin with 22 to 25 rays, instead of 17 to 20, and the lateral line dark instead of whitish; it has a large blackish spot above each pectoral fin - associated in legend with the marks of St Peter's finger and thumb, the haddock being supposed to be the fish from whose mouth he took the tribute-money.

Fish are caught in great numbers in the rivers and marshes, chiefly barbel and carp, and the latter attain so great a size that one is a sufficient load for an ass.

WHITING (Gadus merlangus), a fish of the family Gadidae, which is abundant on the shores of the German Ocean and all round the coasts of the British Islands; it is distinguished from the other species of the genus by having from 33 to 35 rays in the first anal fin, and by lacking the barbel on the chin.

Freshwater scale-fish are mostly full of bones, but fine eels and barbel are plentiful in the rivers.