Sentence Examples with the word barbarously

In time some of them took to living barbarously that is to say, they fortified their villas, collected an armed following and fought for their lives, families and property.

Shortly after the accession of Cyril to the patriarchate of Alexandria in 412, owing to her intimacy with Orestes, the pagan prefect of the city, Hypatia was barbarously murdered by the Nitrian monks and the fanatical Christian mob (March 415).

Refusing to pay a ransom he was barbarously murdered at Greenwich on the 19th of April 1012.

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The interior of the cathedral has been barbarously modernized, but the crypt is fine.

Crushed in battle by Peter's general, Patrick Gordon, they ceased to exist as a military force, and about 2000 of them who fell into the hands of the tsar were barbarously tortured and put to death.

Fateh Khan was barbarously murdered by Kamran (Mahmud's son) near Ghazni in 1818; and in retaliation Mahmud himself was driven from power, and the Barakzai clan secured the sovereignty of Afghanistan.

In order to secure the sole authority, Caracalla barbarously murdered his brother in his mother's arms, and at the same time put to death some 20,000 persons, who were suspected of favouring him, amongst them the jurist Papinianus.

Taken prisoner by Nadir and barbarously mutilated by Adil Shah, he had afterwards found means to rejoin his people, but had surrendered himself to Karim Khan when his father was killed in battle.

The defenders, Hugh de Bradfute and his son, were slain, and his daughter Marion - the betrothed, or, as some say, the wife of William Wallace - was conveyed to Lanark, where she was barbarously executed because she refused to reveal the whereabouts of her lover.

The plot was discovered and the conspirators were barbarously punished, many being tortured and put to death, and their estates confiscated.