Sentence Examples with the word baptized

Nor was it enough that the person baptized should himself enter the water; the baptizer must pour it over his head, so that it run down his person.

In baptism the rubric ordains that the baptized be plunged three times in the font in commemoration of the entombment during three days of the Lord.

Now before the baptism, let him that is baptizing and him that is being baptized fast, and any others who can; but thou biddest him who is being baptized to fast one or two days before.

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The greatest of Spanish writers, Cervantes, was born at Alcala de Henares, and baptized in the otherwise insignificant church of S.

In the same region of Africa, however, Monica would not let her son Augustine be baptized in boyhood, though he clamoured to be.

Vladimir, prince of Kiev, conquered Chersonesus (Korsun) before being baptized there, and restored it to the Greeks on marrying (988) the princess Anna.

His conversion is said to have taken place after an intense mental struggle; he was baptized by sprinkling, and without episcopal confirmation, when in hourly expectation of death; and on his recovery his Christianity retained all the gloomy character of its earliest stages.

The statements that he had been a slave and was never baptized appear to be malicious inventions of his theological opponents.

Blaurock and Grebel baptized each other, and many adherents, kneeling together in an ordinary room.

It is baptized and feted and mourned for like a human being at its death.