Sentence Examples with the word baptize

Their refusal, however, to baptize infants, and the formation of a separate church as the outcome of this refusal, brought upon them the condemnation of Zwingli, and a number of them were banished.

Viii.) wrote that it is not lawful to baptize or hold an agape (Lord's Supper) without the bishop. So Tertullian (de Bapt.

It was necessary to make them large, because in the early Church it was customary for the bishop to baptize all the catechumens in his diocese (and so baptisteries are commonly found attached to the cathedral and not to the parish churches), and also because the rite was performed only thrice in the year.

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There remain two texts in which the injunction to baptize is attributed to Jesus, namely, Mark xvi.

Now concerning baptism, thus baptize ye: having spoken beforehand all these things, baptize into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; in living water.

They therefore elect elders, who expound the Scriptures, baptize and hear confessions.

But if thou hast not living water, baptize into other water; if thou canst not in cold, in warm.

During the interval between the citation and the appearance of the accused, the professorial members of the synod was instructed to prepare themselves to be able to confute the Arminian errors, and the synod occupied itself with deliberations as to a new translation of the Bible, for which a commission was named, made arrangements for teaching the Heidelberg catechism, and granted permission to the missionaries of the East Indies to baptize such children of heathen parents as were admitted into their families.

From about the beginning of the 12th century, when it became usual to baptize infants soon after their birth instead of at stated times (Easter and Pentecost), the ceremony of scrutiny was incorporated with that of the actual baptism.

Therefore they baptize no one until he is thirty years of age.