Sentence Examples with the word baptistery

The circular church of Santa Costanza, also of the 4th century, served as a baptistery and contained the tomb of the daughter of Constantine.

Metropolitan Church, or Ecclesia Ursiana, and baptistery adjoining .

Whole volumes might be devoted to the magnificent works in bronze produced by the Florentine artists of this century, works such as the baptistery gates by Ghiberti, the statues of Verrocchio, Donatello and many others, the bronze screen in Prato cathedral by Simone, brother of Donatello, in 1444-1461, and the screen and bronze ornaments of the tomb of Piero and Giovanni dei Medici in San Lorenzo, Florence, by Verrocchio, in 1472.

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The Protestant St Janskerk, a Gothic building of the 13th and i 5th centuries, with a fine tower, was formerly the baptistery of the cathedral.

Tions of the cathedral were laid in 1063, and its consecration took place in 1118; the baptistery was begun in 1152, and the campanile (the famous leaning tower) in 1174.

He died on the 22nd of December 1419, and all visitors to the Baptistery at Florence may admire, under its high baldacchino, the sombre figure sculptured by Donatello of the dethroned pontiff, who had at least the merit of bowing his head under his chastisement, and of contributing by his passive resignation to the extinction of the series of popes which sprang from the council of Pisa.

The church buildings are very elaborate, and the baptistery is oblong, a form found apparently only here and in the Arabic Didascalia.

The baptistery was completed only in 1278, and marred in the 14th century by the introduction of Gothic details.

A map of Italy in the baptistery of St Peter at Rome has occasionally been described as a relief, though it is merely a rude outline map of Italy, by Carlo Fontana (1698), carved into a convex surface.

Ruins of an early baptistery have also been found at Salona.