Sentence Examples with the word baobab

In the savannas are gigantic baobab trees.

The coastlands of Natal and Portuguese East Africa, the vegetation is abundant, and mangroves, palms, baobab and bombax trees flourish.

On the plateau many forms common elsewhere in East Africa, such as the Borassus palm and the baobab tree, are missing.

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It is related closely to the famous baobab of tropical Africa.

In the savannas the most characteristic trees are the monkey bread tree or baobab (Adansonia digitata), doom palm (Hyphaene) and euphorbias.

The baobab and the karite (shea butter tree) are found only in the Niger districts.

On the hills the baobab and hyphaene palm are characteristic; on the plateau are stretches of open savanna, and park-like country with clumps of silk cotton and shea-butter trees.

Among the rare big trees - found chiefly in the north-east - are baobab and palmyra and certain fruit trees, one bearing a pink plum.