Sentence Examples with the word banter

The light banter was no longer there.

I might enjoy that kind of banter with a real person I will never meet, talking to me from a distant state.

Several women bathed in stalls, the easy banter between them marking their camaraderie.

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Why the boys should drive away, Little maidens from their play, Or love to banter and fight so well, That's the thing I never could tell.

Gave you a twist? the Cossacks would banter him.

His banter is nearly always ungainly, his wit blunt, as Johnson said, and often unseasonable.

This light banter was one of the things she had missed most about him - that and his confidence.

He played along with her banter but it was interesting to see he was savoring everything she said like the good wine we were sharing.

To tell them that she felt ashamed for herself and for them would be to betray her agitation, while to decline their offers to dress her would prolong their banter and insistence.