Sentence Examples with the word banshee

A Welsh death-portent often confused with the gwrach y Rhibyn and banshee is the cyhyraeth, the groaning spirit.

Sir Walter Scott mentions a belief in the banshee as existing in the highlands of Scotland (Demonology and Witchcraft, p. 351).

The Irish banshee is held to be the distinction only of families of pure Milesian descent.

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Even Sheriff Jake Weller was there, and the city police chief and, in various costumes of night-wear, Fred, the Quincy sisters and Gladys Turnbull who'd let out a banshee scream that woke everyone but poor Edith Shipton, who'd never wake again.

The Welsh have the banshee under the name gwrach y Rhibyn (witch of Rhibyn).

In Ireland legends of the banshee belong more particularly to certain families in whose records periodic visits from the spirit are chronicled.