Sentence Examples with the word banquet

The synod was concluded on the 9th of May 1619, by a magnificent banquet given by the chief magistrate of Dort.

After their victory over Cyaxares, the Scythians conquered and wasted the whole of western Asia, and ruled twenty-eight years, till at last they were made drunk and slain by Cyaxares at a banquet (cf.

The banquet continued till 1868, was revived in 1874-1880, and was held for the last time in 1894.

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The: traditional banquet in Westminster Hall, with the throwing down of the glove by the king's champion in armour, had been dispensed with at the coronation of William IV., and it was resolved not to revive it.

In life but few of them would have helped the whale, I ween, if peradventure he had needed it; but upon the banquet of his funeral they most piously do pounce.

For, like the Coronation banquet at Frankfort, where the German Emperor profoundly dines with the seven Imperial Electors, so these cabin meals were somehow solemn meals, eaten in awful silence; and yet at table old Ahab forbade not conversation; only he himself was dumb.

According to one of the Greek legends about Arcas, son of Lycaon, king of Arcadia, he was killed by his father and his flesh was served up in a banquet to Zeus, who was indignant at the crime and restored him to life.

At Greenwich an annual banquet of cabinet ministers, known as the whitebait dinner, formerly took place.

His kinsman, Aegisthus, who in the interval had seduced his wife Clytaemnestra, invited him to a banquet at.

Esau and all the heathen shall drink full retribution for their banquet of carnage and plunder on Yahweh's holy mountain.